About OnePlus Boat

OnePlus Boat was founded by Ellen Jiao. Ellen started working in the sailing industry for Shanghai FarEast FRP boat Ltd in 2006 after graduating from university. From 2008 to 2014 you could see Ellen and her team at almost every IODA continental and world championships, providing charter boats and repair services to the sailors.


1.Quality Standard

In 2017 OnePlus Boat was founded which focusses on the optimist business.

Quality is why the company survives and grows. It is not just a slogan. It is who we are. Thanks to globalization, we have access to advances in Western technology and the quality standard. Meanwhile, we Chinese have thousands of years’ history of great craftsmanship. With all these factors OnePlus Boat is making the best quality boats at a reasonable price.


2.Customer Service

Our team is down to earth and trustworthy. We always give a quick and professional response to our customers. With our win-win attitude, time, language and culture differences are not barriers at all.

We can also work as a bridge between western countries and China. Ellen can help you source something in Chinese market.


3.Focus and Commitment

Building great optimists, for both the racing and training markets, is the goal of our company. Our aim is that when you plan to buy an optimist, you will think of OnePlus Boat. We are not only a boat builder, but also a trustworthy partner and friend.